Building yourself a nice long list is the priority in lead generation, and Facebook is here to the rescue! If you can export friends’ emails from Facebook, then you’re one step ahead of the game.

Your Facebook friends can make a great start (or addition) to your master list.

In this article, we check out how you can grab ahold of all your Facebook friends’ emails in one go. (And, we’ll even throw in a tool or two!)


Why Do We Need Their Emails Anyway?

Exporting Friends’ Emails from Facebook

Grabbing Emails From a Group

Grabbing Emails From a Fan Page

Emails Secured, Time to Execute

Why Do We Need Their Emails Anyway?

Email marketing is still one of the most potent lead nurturing channels that are available today, and having a list of emails can do wonders for your lead generation campaign.

Here’s what.

It’s not feasible to send everyone in your contact list marketing materials through Facebook Messenger. It’s annoying, the messenger platform was not made for that, and not to mention that is very awkward for some of those random picks on your supposed ’friends’ list.

So, what’s the best way to do this?

You need to export friends’ emails from Facebook and download their email addresses first, and then work from that. When you have the list of emails ready, there are a couple of powerful things that you can do to boost your lead nurturing and generation campaign.

  • Place them into your CRM to start them off at the beginning of your marketing and sales cycle. You will have a new audience for you to get your products or services in front of.
  • Create a custom audience on Facebook for you to retarget or market to.
  • This then leads you to the creation of similar audiences on Facebook. Essentially, you can double the list of prospects that you have from this initial email list.
  • And at the end, you can use these custom audiences to guide them through your pipeline.

All this with just an email list.

Pretty neat, right?

Exporting Friends’ Emails from Facebook

We’ll be using a powerful tool called Mailbiz. If you do not have an account yet, pop over to their site and register for one. They have free accounts, but they also have lifetime plans that come with a couple of goodies.

Export Friends' Emails From Facebook

Once you’re done registering for a Mailbiz account you’ll be taken to the dashboard. On the left-hand panel click on “Email Extractor” and then click on “Profile Extractor”

Make sure that “Scan your friends” is marked and click “Extract”. (Please make sure that you are logged into your Facebook account.)

Once it’s done, you’ll hear a notification chime and this message box will appear. Click “Close” and this will bring you back to the original screen where you can now hit on “Download” to facebook friends email addresses.

So, there you have it, you now have a spreadsheet with all your friends’ email addresses and all it took was a couple of clicks!


Grabbing Emails From a Group

Why stop at grabbing your friends’ email addresses?

This tool is can grab emails for your groups as well. Grabbing emails from a group is useful if you want to build an audience that is made from your competitors’ group members.

It also helps to market your product as a complementary product to other markets.

Let’s say you sell email lead generation services; you can grab the emails of a group that specializes in telemarketing and appointment setting. It is assumed that since they are already availing of telemarketing, they could expand their need for email lead gen.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways that this could be useful to your marketing efforts. Mind you, more emails in the same industry are always more people to sell to!

First of all, determine which groups you want to grab emails from, for example, your competitors’ groups and grab their group IDs. The group ID are the numbers that form the last part of the URL after “/groups/”.

However, if you find that the group ID is hidden using a name, grab the URL and go back to the Mailbiz dashboard.


Click on ID finder and paste the URL of the group here. Make sure it follows the “www” prefix and not the “web” one. If it’s something like web.facebook change out the “web” with “www”. Click “Find ID”.

It will now display the group ID.


Once you have the group ID go back to the Mailbiz dashboard and click on “Email Extractor” once again followed by “Group Extractor” this time.

Paste the group ID into the marked field and hit extract. Just like last time, you’ll hear a sound and you should have a file ready for download. Just like that, you now have a list of everyone’s emails in the group conveniently in a spreadsheet.

However, let’s take it a step further.


Grabbing Emails From a Fan Page

Why stop at the groups that you are in? Let’s extract emails from fan pages, too!

To do this, we will be using Mailbiz again. Go back to the dashboard and click on “Email Extractor” but this time you want to click on “Fanpage Extractor”.

Just as in the example above, you want to have the Fanpage ID which is the series of numbers that come in last. However, if you find that the page admin has converted this into a name, make sure you use the “ID Finder” tool to convert this into the Fanpage ID code.

Paste the Facebook Page’s ID in the “Page Id” field and hit “Extract.” Once it’s done, you should hear that tone that you now overly familiar with indicating success. Click “Download” to grab hold of your file.

However, there is an issue extracting the emails of people following the page because this tool will only be able to grab the emails of those who commented on posts.

This is because Facebook removed the functionality to be able to view likers on a particular page. We even checked with Phantombuster and their API to do this has been removed from the store because of the same reason.

In any case, we should have enough emails to work with.

You do have an alternative.

Say it’s your fan page and you have another Facebook account that’s lying around to do your bidding in public. You can add everyone who has liked your page – tiresome we know – and then extract those friends using the methods we’ve shown you earlier.

Just get creative with the way you grab these emails; those methods earlier will work with anything on Facebook.

Emails Secured, Time to Execute

At the end of the day, it is really up to you how you want to utilize the emails that you have. Our favorite option is to throw them into a custom audience in Facebook Ads so that you can start retargeting and creating similar audiences.

An email list – especially one that you have verified and cost you resources (extracting people’s emails from Facebook is hard work)  – is extremely powerful. Before you throw everyone into your pipeline, make sure that you properly segment the individuals in your master email list.

You can’t feed everyone the same content. You have to personalize and guide your prospects through your process. The more you customize the content for your segments, the more effective it is at getting them to convert.

With great email power comes great lead generation responsibility.

Use MailBiz wisely folks 🙂